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The Elbowroom Escape

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Ballinclea, Donard, Wicklow,
Miss Amanda Marren

The Elbowroom is nestled in the Glen of Imaal, surrounded by the beautiful county of Wicklow. The Elbowroom is a hidden gem with seven elegant bedrooms and can sleep up to 24 people.

The accommodation is of a boutique design with 18 luxury beds over seven rooms (extra beds are available on request). The house has a main multi-functional relaxation room, a wooden dining cabin and a commercial kitchen for the discerning cook.

The house has a spacious main room, located just off the kitchen, which can be used as a large sitting room, banquet hall or activities rooms. A large number of guests can be comfortable seated for dinner.

Food can be ordered prior to stays. The Elbowroom Escape caters for breakfast, lunch and dinner; choose from either a served meal or buffet style dinner, any specific food requirements can be catered for. The aim at the Elbowroom Escape is to provide ethical, home-grown, organic and locally sourced food based on the menus from the critically acclaimed restaurant Graze @ The Elbowroom. Raw, vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free and sugar-free options are available as well as child-friendly healthy selections.