Lough Owel

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Market Square, Market House, Mullingar, Westmeath, Republic of Ireland

Lough Owel is located beside the N4, 4km North West of Mullingar, County Westmeath. The lake has a large resident stock of wild brown trout with an average size of 2 lb. The wild fish in the lake are supplemented by a yearly stocking programme.

Lough Owel has a high pH and is a mainly spring fed limestone lake with an area of approximately 1000 hectares. The water is very clear with visibility up to 7 meters.

The lake has a resident stock of wild brown trout, with an average weight of about 2lbs. This stock has improved greatly over recent years due to the control of pike numbers. In Lough Owel spawning and nursery facilities for Brown Trout are extremely limited. The lake which for the most part is spring fed, has few tributaries, all of which are small.