North Fermanagh Remembers

Aug 04 2014 - Aug 09 2014
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Kesh Young Farmers Hall Main Street, Kesh, County Fermanagh,
The 4th August 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the start of a war in Europe which after its end in November 1918 became known as the Great War. Right across Ireland thousands volunteered for military service and over 40,000 were killed or died as a result of the war.

The North Fermanagh Remembers exhibition will be held to remember the names of those who lost their lives at war and are listed on memorials in Colaghty, Adress and Tubrid Parish Churches, the Public Memorial at Main Street, Pettigo and others who have no memorial in their home area. A total of 27 information banners will be on display and will be of great interest to those who have family connections, WWI historians and the general public.

The exhibition will be held at Kesh Young Farmers Hall, Main Street, Kesh form Monday to Friday 2pm - 8pm and Saturday 1pm – 6pm
Free Admission
For further information contact David Keys Tel. 028 6863 1015
E-Mail: sdakeys@btinternet.com