Killimer Slí na Sláinte

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Colleen Bawn Memorial, Killimer, Clare,

The Killimer Slí na Sláinte, which starts at the Colleen Bawn memorial is approximately 5km in length.

This route 5km route boasts some spectacular views over the Shannon Estuary as well as the counties of Limerick and Kerry.

Leaving the Colleen Bawn memorial behind, take the first left down a quiet country lane, where honeysuckle, wild strawberries and blackberries are
abundant during the summer and autumn months.

Turning at the next left into the Townland of Tiervarna, features include a ring fort and Donail House on the right. The route passes the GAA grounds and the Mushroom Tunnels; note the sign for St Senan’s Well and birthplace, well worth a visit.

Turning left at the crossroads, the route passes Donogrogue Castle, (Dun na Curróg = Fort of the Parsnips) a 17th Century two story house, which incorporates an ancient castle in its structure.

Finally, turn left onto the main road (N67) passing the gates of the 18th Century Bessborough House and the entrance to the Killimer-Tarbert Car
Ferry to finish back again at the Colleen Bawn memorial.