The Wicker Man

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18 High Street, Belfast, County Antrim,
Mrs Laurence Burrell
 (028) 9024 3550
 (028) 9024 3550

The Wicker Man is one of the leading Irish Craft and Gift retailers.

The Wicker Man is one of the leading Irish Craft and Gift retailers. Established in 1994 by two jewellery makers, Peter Todd and Laurence Burrell, to provide an outlet to promote the work of small local businesses.

The Wicker Man currently features more than 150 artist/craftpersons' work from all over Ireland (including pottery, prints, soaps, perfumes, candles, jigsaw puzzles, books, jewellery and sun-catchers).

In keeping with their love of all things local, the shop at 18 High Street, Belfast now features a dedicated Game of Thrones® section. As well as official merchandise for this hugely successful series, which is mostly shot in Northern Ireland, this area features locally produced Celtic jewellery of the type worn by many of the characters in the series. Woodwork and ceramics in Celtic and Medieval styles, as well as replica swords and shields also feature in a real treasure trove for fans.

They also trade online and by mail order. If you are looking for a product which has not yet appeared on their site, please let them know.

Every month The Wicker Man display the work of an artist or craftsperson in their new gallery space. This continues their policy from their previous shop which was very popular with customers and exhibitors, but with a bigger, brighter and better exhibition area. They can give a "High Street" position to works that normally would only be seen in art galleries or craft fairs. As this is the case it is worthwhile coming back to the shop or website every month to see what's new.