Galway Food Tours

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Around the Market Place, Galway, Galway,
Ms Sheena Dignam

“Galway Food Tours” is a 1h30 tour around Galway’s finest foodie destinations meeting artisan producers and sampling there delicious produce.

Galway has long been a place where locals and tourists collide while eating and drinking their way around the sights and sounds of the city, because that’s just what you do in Galway.

“Galway Food Tours” is a tour around Galway’s finest foodie destinations. Sheena will guide you along the streets of Galway where you will meet artisanal producers and sample their products, while soaking up the alluring atmosphere of the west.

Running Saturday and Sunday you will sample the finest cheese, the freshest oysters, and the sweetest treats as well as delicious bites from award winning restaurants and cafes.

Tours will be run also in French.
Autour du Marche est une visite gourmande ou Sheena vous guidera sur le marché et dans les rues de Galway. Vous côtoierez les producteurs locaux qui vous feront goûter leurs produits du terroir tout en vous absorbant de l'atmosphere magique de l'Ouest.

Tout les Samedi et Dimanche vous pourrez goûter les délices du marché mais aussi les Restaurants et Cafés de renommés.