Garden Of The Celtic Saints

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Sacred Heart Church, Lisnarick Road, Irvinestown, County Fermanagh,
Mrs Anne Molloy
 (028) 6862 1133

The Garden of Celtic Saints is a place of prayer and reflection.

The Devenish Figures are a unique collection of wooden sculptures carved out of Irish oak. The figures of saints and scholars which include Saints Patrick, Brigid, Columbanus, Gall, Molaise, Columcille and Killian, are the work of Lithuanian sculptor Jonas Raiskas. Jonas, a native of Lithuania came to work in Irvinestown in 2007. He worked from 2007 until 2011 carving the beautiful figures for the garden.

There is also a Memorial of The Irish Famine close to The Garden of Celtic Saints which has 8 sculptures by Jonas and is also open daily.