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Oeps ... er ging iets mis!

Mijn Ierland

Op zoek naar inspiratie? Een reis aan het plannen? Of wil je jezelf gelukkig scrollen? Wij laten je het Ierland zien dat speciaal voor jou is gemaakt.

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Oeps ... geen internetverbinding

Als je offline bent, kun je nog steeds items toevoegen aan Mijn bord. Nieuwe reisaanbevelingen worden alleen weergegeven als je online bent.

    Ontdek wat Ierland voor jou in petto heeft

    Oeps ... geen internetverbinding

    Als je offline bent, kun je nog steeds items toevoegen aan Mijn bord. Nieuwe reisaanbevelingen worden alleen weergegeven als je online bent.

    Mijn overzicht

    Items zonder fysieke locatie worden niet weergegeven op de kaart.

    Het lijkt erop dat je bord leeg is

    Let op het kleine hartje op Ireland.com. Tik op het hartje om dingen toe te voegen aan je bord!

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    ten-amazing-boat-trips-bull-rock-county-cork-hero-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-bull-rock-county-cork-hero-v1

    10 amazing boat tours on the Wild Atlantic Way

    Majestic sea stacks, soaring cliffs and a whole host of wildlife make these boat tours on the Wild Atlantic Way the ultimate adventure

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    star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal
    ten-amazing-boat-trips-bull-rock-county-cork-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-bull-rock-county-cork-v1

    Bull Rock, County Cork

    1. Bull Rock Trip, County Cork

    When it comes to dramatic boat trips, it doesn’t get more epic than a journey with Dursey Boat Trips out to Bull Rock, an incredible rock formation in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of County Cork. Setting off from the rugged Beara Peninsula, the trip passes the cliffs at Dursey Island before heading to Cow Rock and finally to Bull, home to one of Ireland’s largest gannet colonies. This craggy island is pure drama, with a natural tunnel that runs right through its centre, a lighthouse perched on top, and gannets swirling around. Nature-lovers should watch out for whales, dolphins, basking sharks and seals along the way.

    ten-amazing-boat-trips-kinsale-county-cork-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-kinsale-county-cork-v1

    Kinsale, County Cork

    2. Kinsale Wellness on Water, County Cork

    It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place than Kinsale Harbour on a sunny day – the jingle of bobbing boats, the shimmer of the water and the leafy hills that cradle it give it an idyllic feel. And there’s no better way to explore this stretch of coastline than with Kinsale Wellness on Water. Captain Brian Roberts is a chatty and hospitable host who will bring you on a private tour around the harbour with his first mate, Alfie the dog. It’s a relaxing, enjoyable and informative experience with fun activities like line fishing and pulling lobster pots. Each cruise is private, family-friendly and can cater for up to eight people.

    ten-amazing-boat-trips-dingle-county-kerry-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-dingle-county-kerry-v1

    Dingle, County Kerry

    3. Dingle Sea Safari Tour, County Kerry

    Hold on to your seats because this boat trip to the Blasket Islands in County Kerry is fun, fast-paced and adrenaline-fuelled. After heading out of Dingle Harbour, the tour weaves and tucks in and out of the caves and cliffs along the coast, before heading at high speed to the waters surrounding the spellbinding Great Blasket Island. Along the way, you might spot whales and dolphins. While at the island itself, you’ll discover “the grey seal capital of Ireland”, with hundreds of seals lolling on the island’s beach and playing in the water.

    ten-amazing-boat-trips-skellig-michael-county-kerry-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-skellig-michael-county-kerry-v1

    Skellig Michael, County Kerry

    4. Skellig Michael Eco Tours, County Kerry

    Skellig Island Tours runs trips to Skellig Michael, a craggy island that rises dramatically from the swirling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. These tours are hugely popular in the summer months and with good reason. This is an entrancing place that’s drenched in mystical beauty, with sheer drops and rugged cliffs, a 19th-century lighthouse and a 6th-century monastic village. A great alternative to actually landing on the island is to opt for a boat trip AROUND both Skellig Michael and Little Skellig, home to a thriving gannet colony. The boat tour takes about two and a half hours and is ideal for spotting both sea and birdlife.

    ten-amazing-boat-trips-clew-bay-county-mayo-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-clew-bay-county-mayo-v1

    Clew Bay, County Mayo

    5. Westport Cruises, County Mayo

    Beautiful Clew Bay in County Mayo is a special spot. Guarded by Clare Island and overlooked by Croagh Patrick, it boasts around 100 islands, although local folklore claims there are 365 – one for every day of the year. Jump on a boat trip with Westport Cruises at Westport Harbour and you’ll be brought through this idyllic bay, past an island bought by John Lennon, as well as a seal colony and Inishgort Lighthouse, where the bay opens up into the Atlantic Ocean.

    ten-amazing-boat-trips-killary-harbour-county-galway-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-killary-harbour-county-galway-v1

    Killary Harbour, County Galway

    6. Killary Harbour Boat Tours, County Galway

    Racing skies, silvery-blue waters and green mountains etched with grey rock that fold into one another make Killary Harbour one of the most beautiful spots along the Wild Atlantic Way. And the best way to experience it? From the water. The Killary Harbour Boat Tour sails through this majestic glacial fjord allowing you to experience the awe-inspiring drama of the Twelve Bens and Mamturk Mountains, as well as the Mweelrea massif, Connemara’s highest mountains.

    ten-amazing-boat-trips-roundstone-harbour-county-galway-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-roundstone-harbour-county-galway-v1

    Roundstone Harbour, County Galway

    7. Boat Ride and Island Adventure, County Galway

    Looking for a more private experience? This great food tour by Roundstone Bay and Island in the gorgeous village of Roundstone in County Galway could be just the ticket. Boutique picnics, deserted islands, shimmering waters and lovely beaches await on bespoke tours, with a friendly and informative guide who will tell you all about the area’s history, culture and wildlife. This tour works for up to five people, but there are other larger group experiences including a Guinness and Oyster Experience boat tour, a Jameson Whiskey and Oyster Experience and an Eco Boat Tour to choose from.

    ten-amazing-boat-trips-cliffs-of-moher-county-clare-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-cliffs-of-moher-county-clare-v1

    Cliffs of Moher, County Clare

    8. Cliffs of Moher Cruise, County Clare

    Eager visitors flock to the Cliffs of Moher to enjoy the epic views from the tops of these vertiginous sea cliffs, but for a different perspective, why not see them from the water? Rising majestically from the waves to a height of over 214 metres, the cliffs really are at their best from this angle. This tour by the Doolin Ferry Co. brings you to see O’Brien’s Tower at the highest point of the cliffs, as well as the Great Sea Stack and the sea cave that was featured in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

    ten-amazing-boat-trips-lough-gill-county-sligo-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-lough-gill-county-sligo-v1

    Lough Gill, County Sligo

    9. Rose of Inisfree, Counties Sligo and Leitrim

    Lying just over 10km east of Sligo town, Lough Gill is an under-the-radar destination basking in beauty. Situated between County Sligo and County Leitrim and the setting for WB Yeats’s famous poem, The Lake Island of Innisfree, the lough is surrounded by woodland and boasts about 20 islands, all of which are uninhabited. The boat tours depart from the super-scenic 17th-century Parke’s Castle (worth a visit itself) and Doorly Park, and feature detailed and interesting commentary covering the history, wildlife and myths and legends about the lough.

    ten-amazing-boat-trips-sliabh-liag-v1 ten-amazing-boat-trips-sliabh-liag-v1

    Slieve League Cliffs, County Donegal

    10. Slieve League Cliff Tours, County Donegal

    As with the cliffs of Moher, the Slieve League Cliffs in Donegal are a truly amazing sight by water. This tour with Atlantic Coastal Cruises leaves the gorgeous harbour of Killybegs and sails out into Donegal Bay towards the cliffs, which are among the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Along the way, you’ll see the lovely Fintra Beach, caves, waterfalls and sea stacks before heading back to Killybegs where you can reward yourself with some great fish and chips at the Seafood Shack.