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Ballard Organic Farm

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Ballard, Kilbeggan, Westmeath,

Ballard Organic Farm is ideally suited to groups requiring a visit to a technical working organic farm. The farm has been at the forefront on many farming developments and receives numerous visitors from agricultural and non-agricultural backgrounds.

Ballard Organic Farm, in County Westmeath, which is also an open farm or visitor farm, has been owned and operated by the Lalor family since 1844.

Ballard Farm has been visited by many groups over the years. In 1998 the Lalors' decided to develop this interest into a commercial enterprise. A visitor center was developed from a 300 year old cow house which was in need of renovation. They now receive visits from groups from many parts of the world and these visitors may or may not be from an agricultural back ground.

The main enterprises are organic beef production, cereals and forestry. The farm has been innovative and to the forefront on many farming developments. The farm is run as a modern concern with particular attention paid to technical efficiency. For groups from a non-agriculural background, the visit is an insight to an authentic a modern Irish organic farm and to the life of the farmer and his family. For those directly involved in agriculture, the visit focuses on technical information.