TRAD by Mark Doherty

Feb 08 2020
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Mary Immaculate College, Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick City, Limerick,
 +353 61 953400

TRAD is a poignant, absurd and hilarious tale of a 100-year-old Irishman... and his father. TRAD is a story of rural Ireland and it’s communities, of pride and the often complex relationships between father and son.

Written by Mark Doherty and directed by renowned actor Aaron Monaghan TRAD is a side-splitting, heart-warming saga from the brilliant Cavan based Livin’ Dred Theatre Company.

This critically acclaimed comedy sold out on it's tour in 2019 and now comes to the Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick on Saturday 8th February 2020.

“There’s a child belonging to me wandering around out there for seventy years and I never met him. I’ve a trip left in me… Get me leg!”

TRAD is accompanied by two live traditional Irish musicians who add to the unique and breathtaking atmosphere of the stage. In the words of Director Aaron Monaghan TRAD 'It’s like a cross between Father Ted and Waiting for Godot'.

Not to be missed!