Faith Healer

Mar 30 2020 - May 16 2020
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26 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1, Dublin,
 +353 1 8787222

40 years since directing the Irish premiere of Faith Healer, Joe Dowling returns with a new production of Brian Friel's masterpiece.

'Am I endowed with the unique and awesome gift? My God, yes, I’m afraid so.’

Frank Hardy. Faith Healer.

Travelling through remote and isolated areas in Scotland and Wales, Frank Hardy offers his unique cure to the most desperate and hopeless of people. Does he actually possess a gift? Or are these rare and miracle healings only tricks of the mind?

Telling the story of Frank, his wife Grace and manager Teddy, the audience encounters differing perspectives of their absurd and momentous lives together. With each tale come new revelations in this spellbinding narrative.