My Son, My Son

May 23 2018 - May 26 2018
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Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin,

Veronica Dyas' new play, inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s ‘The Mother’ trains an unflinching eye on Dublin's south inner city.

In Veronica Dyas' new play 'My Son, My Son', we meet The Mother. With one young boy to raise and a childless best friend named Mary, she forges her own path on the streets of The Liberties despite the relentless blows from a society which claims it's gender equal (it's not) and classless (also not).

Employing just the right amount of drama, humour and heart, this play looks at themes like marriage, parenthood, status and human connection. With an all-female cast and writing as strong as the legions of real-life ladies it invariably portrays, this bold work trains an unflinching eye on Dublin's south inner city, bringing us into the world of the people who live, work, play, and rear families there.

Inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s learning play, ‘The Mother’, it's not to be missed.

€10 - €14