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Island Turf Crafts Visitor Centre

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51 Dungannon Road Coalisland, Dungannon, County Tyrone,
Mr Brian McGirr
 (028) 8774 9041
 +44 (0) 28 8774 9041

5,000 years ago in Ireland, the great Elk wondered through the forest and mountains.

Island Turf Crafts gifts are hand crafted using 5,000 year old Irish peat from some of Europe's oldest bog lands.

Come and observe the craftsmen at work while exploring the bog museum with reconstructed lifestyles and habits of pre-historic Ireland with artefacts excavated from Irish bog lands. Artefacts on display reveal much about the rich and varied history of Ireland before and after the Ice Age.

Exhibits include bog oak sculptures, numerous turf products, a simulated peat or turf bog, and bones and large antlers from a Great Irish Elk dating back some 15,000 years.