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Harry Avery's Castle

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Old Castle Road, Newtownstewart, County Tyrone,
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This fortification is thought to have been built circa1320 by a local chieftain of the O’Neill clan.

Thought to have been built around 1320 by a local chieftain of the O’Neill clan, but named after Harry Avery (Henry Aimbreidh) O’Neill, a local chief who died in 1392, this structure is considered unusual in that Irish chieftains of the time rarely built stone castles.

Its design is also unusual. Its two towers look like a gatehouse, similar to that of Carrickfergus Castle, but in reality it served a similar function to a medieval towerhouse. Getting to the courtyard behind would thus have involved climbing a flight of stairs. Behind the towers a large mound forms the courtyard. This was surrounded by a curtain wall, of which only the foundations remain today. Other surviving structures include: a draw bar slot for the main door and a latrine chute.

There would have been many wooden buildings such as kitchens and stables in the courtyard but no evidence of these survives.

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