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May the Fourth Festival Puffin to Porg Workshop

May 05 2018
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Did you know that the curious porgs found living alongside Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To were actually inspired by puffins?

Like porgs, puffins – found on certain islands off of Ireland's west coast – are also stocky, sea and cliff-dwelling, and impossibly cute. Want to know how the puffins of Skellig Michael became the porgs of Ahch-To?

Look no further than this eye-opening workshop, where you'll learn why they made the perfect models for the movie whilst making your very own porg/puffin arts and crafts.

Experience many aspects of those offshore Skellig islands while remaining on dry land in a custom-built, stone-clad, grass-roofed, prize-winning building located right on the waterfront beside the Valentia Island bridge at Valentia, Co Kerry.