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Rare Breed Survival Trust Northern Ireland Support Group Annual Show and Sale

Sep 01 2018
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Gosford Forest Park, Armagh, County Armagh,
Mr Brian Hunter
T: 078 0949 9520

Enjoy a wonderful family day out at Northern Ireland’s Annual Rare Breed Show and Sale.

Enjoy a wonderful family day out at Northern Ireland’s Annual Rare Breed Show and Sale in Gosford Forest Park. In the show rings you will see native breed cattle, sheep and pigs being judged to determine which animals are the best representatives of their breed. Prizes will be awarded for the best animals, a total of £1800 will be distributed to prize winners on the day.

Another popular element of this event is a show and sale of poultry. This particular event attracts some of the best quality breeding stock in Ireland and has buyers travelling from far and wide to purchase the lots. There will also be cattle and sheep sales including purebred and crossbred animals.

Young farmers will compete to see who is best at exhibiting their cattle, sheep or pig. The pig show will feature the largest entry of rare breed pigs in Northern Ireland and typical entries will include Large White, Saddleback, Tamworth and large Black pigs. There is always a sow and litter on display which is a major attraction in its own right!

Displays at the show typically include trade and craft stands, displays of spinning and felting and crook making. Rare breed meats will be available for sale direct from the farmers. A mobile shop will be on site selling rare breed branded items including stationery and tea towels.

This is a wonderful educational opportunity for children to learn about the wonderful variety of our native farm livestock and to learn where their food comes from as well as seeing the farmers who take such pride in rearing and exhibiting their animals.

Disabled access on Armagh Show grounds.