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The Nightmare Realm

Oct 04 2019 - Nov 01 2019
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Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin,
T: +353 1 5390003

An extreme walk-through horror experience preying on your deepest fears & nightmares and twisting them into a deadly reality!

You know when you're sitting at home in fear watching a horror film?

Well it's just like that except you are the star of that horror film and you can’t change the channel!

Are you ready to face your darkest nightmares and experience the artistry of fear?

The Nightmare Realm has just been awarded the World's Best Halloween Event by Unilad Adventures and are Ireland's top scare attraction.

This is not your typical (boo) haunted house – there are no ghosts and goblins – the sets and live creatures prey on your darkest fears and bring your nightmares to life.

The Nightmare Realm is the only event worth going to for your Halloween experience and the show has been innovating and thrilling victims for 10 years.

The Nightmare Realm can sometimes be controversial, but it’s always thrilling, you will be pushed outside your comfort zone, your expectations will be challenged and the boundaries between entertainment and fear will be blurred.

Not everyone is brave enough to make it through the entire attraction, if you think this is you then just get one of the Zombie Insurance bands to lessen the scare.

You will laugh and cry at the same time. The Nightmare Realm is not for the faint of heart and teenagers may need to be supervised by an adult.