STYLEBY Sweden visits stunning Wicklow

Lough Tay, Co. Wicklow

Meet the STYLEBY Team who made the amazing fashion shoot in Wicklow a reality. Here is what they have shared exclusively with us at Tourism Ireland….


How do you choose your models and your photographer?

It often depends on what kind of story we want to tell with the fashion we’re working with. Sometimes we want to work with a particular team that we know are great with certain kinds of photos. The theme for the shoot and the team behind it is chosen before we pick out what model to use.

What made you choose Ireland as your location for the fashion shoot?

This fall we see fashion that is made for covering up - knitted clothes, fur, quilted jackets. This is of course great for us here in Scandinavia. This kind of fashion is preferable to be photographed in an outdoor setting, and since Ireland has one of the most beautiful and breath-taking landscapes there is, it’s a great choice. Amazing fashion shot in amazing scenery - this is a winning combination!

How come you chose a country-side location as opposed to one in the city?

We think that the fashion that we wanted to show, fits better in a rural setting which we find outside the larger cities. This is also something that separates this particular shoot from the rest since a lot of other environments are not as green and peculiar as the Irish one is. A fashion shoot in a stunning natural setting gives the reader so much ”more” than only clothes - it turns into a dream about something more. Another way of living, traveling… It’s important to offer the reader a form of escapism.

How did the location add to the overall feeling of the story?

It is always interesting to see high fashion pieces show up in the country-side. We think that this provides a warmer feeling to the story and also makes it more available. Also, as we mentioned earlier, it triggers something else than ”only” fashion - you want to travel, experience the world and see new things. Maybe you feel like you want to come closer to the nature. We think that most people have a need of spending more time in nature these days, when the situation in the world currently is so severe.


What preconceived idea of Ireland did you have before coming to the island, and how did your image of Ireland change after spending time here?

Our expectations of the nature were high of course - and we were not disappointed!  It is easy to picture yourself in a time that took place long ago, or maybe imagine that you’re in a scene from Game of Thrones… But it’s mainly the amazing nature makes such an impression. We were stunned of the large valleys that made you feel so small - it’s overpowering!

What was the weather like while you were in Ireland?

We would lie if we said it was perfect weather, haha! You should expect some rainy weather, but when the sun peeks through the clouds it’s pure magic!

Did you meet any friendly locals during your trip?

It was an extremely nice atmosphere with curious people who were happy to talk with us, which is always appreciated! We felt very welcome.

What do you remember most from your trip?

The beautiful valley that connects with a lake in Wicklow National Park - and that also contributed to the first photo in our fashion story this issue.

Do you wish to visit Ireland again?



What do you think of Irish designers and the fashion scene currently developing?

It is something we need to look more into, which we look forward to. It is great that Ireland is starting its own fashion scene. We are, as well as the rest of the fashion world, crazy about your J.W. Anderson - who has his own brand and who is also the designer-in-chief for Loewe. He is a godsend gift and has influenced the fashion scene a lot the last season. We at STYLEBY are very inspired by him and November's issue will contain an interview with him, which we are happy to announce.

Do you think Dublin has potential as a fashion capital when taking into consideration its size and the creativity currently developing?

Since Ireland is a country where a lot of creative people decide to move move - artists for example, and also where a lot of movie productions, TV productions and now also productions regarding fashion takes place, makes the country some sort of creative hub. This is of course something that has an impact on the creative people who already live here, in a positive manner.

Have you any favourite Irish designers that you may wish to recommend our readers?

J.W. Anderson! 

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