6 Insta-worthy lighthouses around Ireland

Blackhead Lighthouse, County Antrim

From the shores of Ireland's Ancient East and Northern Ireland to the magnificent coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way, light up your Instagram feed with these great lighthouses

1. Loop Head, County Clare (@shanemcg14)

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Loop Head Lighthouse’s humble beginnings are just one thing that makes this place so charming. Originally, a simple fire on the roof of the lighthouse keeper’s modest cottage was all that passing vessels could rely on for guidance away from the Loop Head Peninsula in County Clare. And it was locals that made the World War II navigation sign that lies sprawled across the grass. During war times these were used to inform pilots of their location while flying. It is said that nearly 80 of these signs were plotted, and today around 21 remain. 

2. Hook Lighthouse, County Wexford (@keith_walsh_agram)

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Tucked away along Ireland's sunny southeast, you'll find the oldest operational lighthouse in the world, County Wexford's  Hook Lighthouse. A must-visit in Ireland’s Ancient East, this monochrome lighthouse stands 36m high, offering breathtaking panoramic views to those determined enough to climb the 115 steps. Originally built as a warning beacon by the early Christian monks who lived on this rocky peninsula, today it has become a popular spot for people exploring with their cameras at the ready...

3. St John's Point, County Down (@dub_lens)

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Not everything is black and white on the island of Ireland. This striking structure sits on the beautiful coastline of County Down and has been transformed recently into a wonderfully unique place to stay. Complete with books, board games and plenty of maritime paraphernalia, you can spend the evening in this cosy old lighthouse keeper’s home. Be soothed to sleep every night by the sound of the waves splashing against the rocks. We're quite sure your followers will be green with envy! 

4. Howth Lighthouse, County Dublin (@shotbymaguire)

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Venture beyond Dublin city centre to the coastal village of Howth and you’ll find this beauty sitting quietly beside the sea. Howth Lighthouse has been admiring the vast waters of the Irish sea since 1818. Sit on the pier and listen to the boats gently knocking together or spoil yourself with more amazing views with a walk along the stunning Howth Cliff Path Loop. You're guaranteed to nab some beautiful shots here!

5. Blackhead Lighthouse, County Antrim (@alexandermorris)

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Northern Ireland’s  Causeway Coastal Route is dotted with spectacular sights, but one that may fall under the radar is County Antrim's Blackhead Lighthouse. Carrying out its duties since 1902, the Titanic was once guided safely past this coastline towards its ill-fated journey. Today Blackhead Lighthouse is the ideal place to escape to and be at one with the wide-open spaces of the coast. Stay the night and watch the sun set on the horizon as you relax on the balcony of the old lightkeeper’s home. Clutching the ragged edges below this beacon is the Blackhead Path. Hold on to your camera tightly above the splashing sea to Smuggler’s Cave where more fascinating tales await…

6. Galley Head Lighthouse, County Cork (Ray Fogarty)

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County Cork is renowned for its dramatic coastline, but we’re still left speechless when we see images like this one at Galley Head! Once the most powerful lighthouse beacon in the world, today this trinket of 19th century history opens its doors to visitors wishing to avail of its self-catering accommodation. To many sailors roaming the seas, these gleaming white walls have been a welcome sight on the most southern point of Dundeady Island since 1875. Shots captured here are sure to brighten up anyone's newsfeed!

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