Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about campervan and caravan holidays in Ireland

The Wild Atlantic Way: Slea Head, County Kerry

Whether you have 6 days or 6 weeks, there are so many beautiful sights to see as you travel along Ireland's roads. Below are some frequently asked questions about campervan and caravan holidays in Ireland.

When's the best time to travel around Ireland with a campervan or caravan?
Ireland's mild maritime climate makes it a great place to visit all year round. In winter, the temperature is around 8°C, and in summer the average is 18°C inland. If you can go outside peak season, we recommend April and May, but Ireland often has late summers in September and October. You can read more about Ireland's climate and seasons here

How much of the island can I see in 2 to 3 weeks?
We have several recommended routes you can take, both along the coast and inland. Although the distances on the coastal roads may not look very long, we advise building in extra time for your journey – an average speed of 65km/hour is best. The roads have lots of twists and turns, and of course you'll want to stop at the beauty spots along the way to take photos of the flora and fauna. The 2,500-km Wild Atlantic Way along the west coast is a wonderful route for a caravan or campervan trip, but we also highly recommend the stunning landscape and many sights along the ancient east coast, and around Northern Ireland.

Are there many campsites and caravan parks in Ireland?

The Irish Caravan & Camping Council has a network of over 100 campsites and caravan parks all over the island. Click here for full details > 

Do I have to book my pitch in advance?

We strongly recommend that you do during high season (July to August). Outside that period, it's less busy and certainly possible to turn up without pre-booking. See our special offers here>

Are the campsites and caravan parks open all year round?
Some parks stay open all year round, but most campsites are closed in winter. For a list of the Irish Caravan & Camping Council's parks you can visit all year round, click here

Is it possible to hire a campervan or caravan in Ireland?
There are lots of campervan and caravan hire companies in Ireland. It may be cheaper to fly over and then hire a campervan, especially if you're going for a relatively short time (1-2 weeks). There are numerous options available: you could hit the road as a twosome in a retro Volkswagen campervan, or travel with the whole family in an ultra-modern motorhome. For a list of all the approved hire companies, click here

Can I go wild camping in Ireland?
Wild camping options are limited in Ireland. And only tents are allowed. But you can do it in Wicklow National Park, Ballycroy National Park in Mayo and at various locations in Kerry, Tipperary, Laois and Offaly, as well as in The Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. However, it is compulsory to notify the relevant park HQ/landowner/government authority in advance. For more information click here

There are relatively few wild camping opportunities in Ireland. Most of the land is privately owned and used for grazing livestock. If you want to go hiking or camping on private land, you must get permission from the landowner. When asked, many of them don't mind you putting up your tent for one night. But you must of course always adhere to the stringent Leave no Trace principles

Are pets allowed?
If you have an EU pet passport for your dog, cat or ferret, you can take them with you on your holiday to Ireland. For more information, visit here or here
Every campsite and caravan park has its own rules about pets (eg: dogs on/not on a lead, etc). These rules are clearly displayed as symbols in the listing for every park on the Caravan & Camping Council's website. Click here for the listings

Are there any glamping options in Ireland?
There are lots of great glamping options in Ireland… from pods and Romany caravans to treehouses or zorbing ball experiences in the woods. You'll find an overview of all the Irish Caravan & Camping Council's glamping options here

Can I use my Camping Key Europe card in Ireland?

The Camping Key Europe (CKE) card is accepted by many campsites and caravan parks in Ireland. Cardholders often get discounted rates. Read more

Is it possible to travel around Ireland in a horse-drawn caravan?
Various providers offer holidays where you travel by horse-drawn caravan. Click here for a list.   

How do I get to Ireland in my campervan/caravan?

There are various ferry options when travelling to Ireland. For more information about all the ferry operators and connections available click here

Is driving on the left difficult?
It feels a bit strange at first, but you quickly get used to driving on the left. Be careful on roundabouts (priority from the right, not the left, but this is always clearly marked by arrows). When you get back on the road, from a car park for example, you must remember to keep to the left every time. 
Fortunately, you'll usually be behind another vehicle, so all you have to do is follow it. For more information on driving in Ireland, see this page

Are there many rest areas on the roads for caravans and campervans?
There are plenty of rest areas along the coastal roads, where you can stop for a bit to stretch your legs, enjoy the view, and of course take photos. They are not intended for overnight stays, which is why vehicles higher than about 2 metres often can't drive into them. If you have a high caravan or campervan, you'll need to plan your journey carefully so there will be enough places for you to take breaks on the way. It's fine to stop off for a while to take photos, but the idea is that you carry on driving to an authorised place to spend the night.

What's the situation with toll roads in Ireland?
On most toll roads in Ireland you can pay at a tollbooth. However, there are no tollbooths on the Dublin ring road (the M50). If you want to use the M50 you can pay online or in local petrol stations and shops displaying the ‘EFlow’ logo. If you're in a hire vehicle it may be already tagged so that the toll charge is debited automatically. Always check this first with the hire company. An important point to remember is that you have until 8pm the following day to pay the toll charge.

Any other questions?

Take a look at the Irish Caravan & Camping Council's FAQs!

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