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Looking for inspiration? Planning a trip? Or just want to scroll yourself happy? We'll show you an Ireland that's tailor-made for you.

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    Derry Girls

    You've followed the exploits of Erin and the gang in the hit comedy series, Derry Girls. Here's how you can have your own Derry~Londonderry adventure

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    County Londonderry
    County Londonderry
    • #NorthernIrelandEmbraceAGiantSpirit
    • #CityBreaks
    • #IrelandonScreen
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    Derry Girls is the hit comedy that has been delighting audiences with its funny female-led cast. Set in the Northern Ireland city of Derry~Londonderry in the mid-1990s, the series follows the exploits of 16-year-old Erin, her friends, and her family. 

    A lot has changed in Derry~Londonderry since then, but the people remain the same friendly, exuberant types. So, inspired by the TV show, here's our guide to the best Derry~Londonderry has to offer. 

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    The Walled City

    You can't talk about Derry~Londonderry without mentioning its famous city walls. Dramatic, impregnable and over 400 years old, these walls enclose the original town, with its Renaissance-style street plan and they are among the finest of their kind in Europe.

    Inside these walls, Derry~Londonderry's remarkable story comes to life. Take a guided tour to hear tales about the city's history, check out the impressive collection of cannons and admire the spectacular views.

    Or, if you want to walk in the footsteps of Erin and the gang, you can take the Derry Girls guided tour! As you tour the streets and take in the sights, you’ll be able to see some of the highlights of the hit TV show, including Dennis’s Wee Shop and Pump Street, as well as other notable locations.

    I have enough material from my own friends and family. Everybody wants to tell you their Derry-esque story. It’s really nice

    derry-girls-strip derry-girls-strip

    The Derry Girls mural

    The history is written in the walls...

    If you've been watching Derry Girls and feel you need a little context for the city's complex history, Derry~Londonderry has you covered. You can explore some of its most compelling events through a fantastic collection of museums, including the Siege Museum, the Museum of Free Derry and the Tower Museum.

    And what’s more, The Tower Museum now has its very own Derry Girls Experience exhibit. You’ll find original set pieces and items from the show such as Erin’s diary, furniture and clothes, including the memorable Spice Girls costumes worn by the gang.

    To get under the skin of the seriesa trip to the Bogside area of the city to see the famous murals is a must. Guided tours such as the Free Derry Tour and the Bogside History Tour are excellent for explaining the history of the area.

    To celebrate the second series, Channel 4 commissioned local artists UV Arts CIC to immortalise the Derry Girls with their very own mural! Eye-catching, bright and fun, this painting featuring the five main characters can be found in the heart of the Walled City, on the side of Badger’s Bar on Orchard Street. The city is already buzzed by its presence – no one can resist getting their picture taken with the gang! Make it your first stop when you arrive and strike your best pose with your creamed horns while you’re there.

    We were there for 3 or 4 days, I wish we had a couple of weeks here. Derry is an amazing place to film. It’s like a mini San Francisco

    "Aye, fair dos. Derry is class"

    So says Michelle from Derry Girls, and we couldn't agree more. Not only is the Walled City brimming with history and culture, but it's also great for entertainment. Try the popular Peadar O'Donnell's pub, which features live traditional music sessions every night. Feeling hungry? You're never short of options in this city, from the elegance of Browns Restaurant to the hip street food served up by Pyke 'N' Pommes.

    For those who want to celebrate their love of all things Derry Girls, head to the Walled City Brewery, a restaurant and brew house proudly based in Ebrington Square, where they have named a selection of IPAs and beers in honour of the show! We recommend trying ‘Wee English Fella’, an IPA infused with fresh strawberries. Delicious!

    So once you've finished binge-watching Derry Girls, come and experience Derry~Londonderry for yourself. Retrace the steps of Erin and the gang, and while you're here, see what else Northern Ireland has to offer. 

    I’m really touched by it all, and I feel like Derry is my second home