Smoking in Ireland

Where you can or can't smoke in Ireland

Duke of York pub, Belfast
Duke of York pub, Belfast

There is a smoking ban in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland meaning it is illegal to smoke in an enclosed place of work. So everywhere from pubs and restaurants, to shops, offices and public transport, are smoke-free. There are exceptions, including some hotels and guesthouses that provide smoking rooms at their discretion. Find out more here.

Pubs, nightclubs and hotels generally have a designated smoking area outside on the street or in an open-air garden. Make sure to always put your cigarette butt in the ashtrays provided or you could face a €100 fine for littering.

In the Republic, it is only possible to buy packets of 20 cigarettes – packs of 10 are no longer available. Cigarette vending machines were banned in Northern Ireland in 2012.

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