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Lesser Spotted Milford House

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48 Hill Street, Milford, County Armagh,
T: (028) 3752 5467

Milford village is a nineteenth century model village two miles from Armagh city.

Milford village is a nineteenth century model village two miles from Armagh city. The creation of Robert Garmany McCrum. Built around the world famous linen manufacturing firm of McCrum, Watson & Mercer. World famous as the place where the penalty kick rule was invented. Milford House the seat of the McCrum, family the first in Ireland to have hydreolectricity with six bathrooms each with a turkish bath and a proper waterfall in the Dining Room. Today a derelict listed building at risk. Milford Buildings Preservation Trust is a charity which works to save Milford House and the extraordinary McCrum legacy. It offers walking tours and group packages for visitors to explore this fascinating village.

The Lesser Spotted Milford House package provides a delightful outiing for groups. Starting with a house tour revealing the fascinating story of Milford House Collection. Then discover the village with a walking tour and hear stories of the architecture and of some of the more eccentric residents. In includes a tour of the world famous William McCrum Park where the Penalty Kick rule was invented. From the back gates of Milford House you will be taken to the Milford railway line- now a wildlife reserve where you can discover rare orchids and butterflies.

Catering: Catering options are available for all groups and you will be served in beautiful surroundings. Please contact for details.

Recommended visit time:
Guided house tours 1 hour
Guided Walking Tour 1 hour
Milford Cutting 30 minutes