Clissmann Horse Drawn Caravans

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Croneybyrne, Rathdrum, Wicklow, Republic of Ireland

Clissmann Horse Drawn Caravans is based in Rathdrum, County Wicklow. They rent out four-berth horse-drawn caravans with cooking and sleeping facilities on a self-drive basis offering a unique way to explore and enjoy the Wicklow countryside.

Clissmann Horse Caravans, Rathdrum, County Wicklow will help visitors to plan a unique holiday experience with a colourful horse drawn caravan. Comfortably accommodating up to four/five people and with cooking facilities, visitors feel right at home. A pleasant, short journey will find visitors at beautiful sandy beaches or in the rugged mountains, quiet lakes and stunning landscape of County Wicklow.

This is a holiday where visitors and their horse decide the pace. Visitors may choose to have a very quiet, leisurely, intimate break, or they may prefer to fill their time with activities like fishing, walking and cycling. Horse caravan journeys average 12km daily.

Clissmann Horse Drawn Caravans will brief visitors on the attractions and features of the area and aid in choosing the itinerary from a selection of marked routes. The Clissmann team will provide visitors with a marked map and written details of the locations intended to visit with the horse and caravan. Designated farmers, guesthouses, pubs and hotels make overnight facilities available to horse caravan visitors for a fee. Before setting out, the staff will make sure that visitors familiarise themselves with horse care and management and that they are comfortable and confident driving a horse and caravan.

Riding horses can also be hired in combination with taking a caravan. This allows visitors to stretch out the day with an evening trek, or an early morning ride on the beach. Riding horses are available for beginning and medium riders aged over twelve. Clissmann Horse Caravans Holidays has two main features - building a good working relationship with a horse and exploring the Wicklow countryside in a carefree and non-hectic fashion.

The caravans have daytime seating for four to six and night-time sleeping accommodation for four. They offer extra bedding and an extra bunk to allow two adults and three children to occupy a caravan at no extra charge.

There is a small kitchen area with a twin-burner butane gas cooker with grill. Cooking pots, a frying-pan, a kettle, a teapot, water container, crockery and cutlery are all included in the caravan. They provide appropriate bed-linen but not towels.

Clissmann Horse Drawn Caravans is open from May to September, from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday, inclusive. For rates, please see their web site. Method of payment is by Visa and cash.