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Newry City Tours Hilden 27 Windsor Hill, Newry, County Down,
Mr Martin Murtagh
T: (07512) 685 946

Follow us through the fog shrouded streets of Old Newry to meet ghosts past and present.

Historically accurate GHOST WALKS, Newry City Tours take great pride in the fact that all of our ghost stories have been thoroughly researched and are true to history. You won’t find any made up stories about banshees or vampires on our ghost tours. If hearing the real story behind one of Northern Ireland’s most haunted cities is important to you our tours are the ones to take.

Whether it’s scouring the archives at the information Library, researching old newspaper articles or talking to local people, Newry City Tours goes to great lengths to ensure that our guests only hear the true history that surrounds the alleged ghostly sightings seen in the city. Don’t mistake historically accurate for boring, our guides are all wonderful performers, bringing history to life in front of you.

If getting off of the beaten path is your thing, we have you covered. Through our research we have uncovered some incredible ghost stories that no other tours company goes to. You’ll be getting the best of both worlds, visiting the most well know haunted locations as well as some very creepy, very secret locations where the history is so dark, we only wish the stories we uncovered were not true.