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20 Rockfield, Derry,
Irish Family Ancestry is a Professional Genealogy and Family History research company managed by Genealogist Peter Kenny. We offer advice, record retrieval and Ancestry research services to those wishing to discover their Irish Roots.

As part of our continued development of services and helping customers with their own projects, Irish Family Ancestry is planning to launch in 2013, a new tool to help researchers navigate what can be, one of the most frustrating elements of Irish Genealogy – Topography – or, understanding the numerous boundary designations and how they relate to each other such as Townlands, Parishes, Electoral Districts, Superintendant Registrars Districts and so on. This tool will expand on what is currently available making it easier for researchers to easily search for possible townland names and where they are located in relation to other designations that are used in Irish Genealogy research.

We also provide support and advice where we can. If you have a question please contact us at or complete our Assessment Form for a Free appraisal of your research objectives with an honest opinion of how successful further research might be.