A flavor of Ireland

Ireland’s food is great; and here's a taste!

Masterchef maestros can consider our island as a serious foodie destination. With its abundance of artisan food producers and suppliers, finding quality and uniqueness is easy!

In our video, Corkman Frank Hederman tells us exactly what goes into making Irish ingredients so tasty. Frank owns the Belvelly Smokehouse in Cobh, County Cork where he smokes fish like salmon, eel and mackerel.

Irish Smoked salmon is unique and it’s very important it’s done right. Fear not. Frank’s final product is so impressive that The New York Times said, “Mr Hederman smokes fish, which is a little like saying Steinway makes pianos.”

Frank believes farmers’ markets are at the heart and soul of the artisan food industry in Ireland. Drop by any one of them and a stallholder will happily chat away about their produce, from breads to jams and cheeses. They'll offer you a sample and convince you there is no better produce anywhere else in the world! And they’re probably right.

The English market, Cork City

Cork city’s culinary treats

The English Market in Cork city featured in the video is an important part of Cork’s history. Built in 1788, it’s a joy to wander around, meet some local producers and, of course sample the food. Including Frank's.

In fact the English Market is so renowned, Queen Elizabeth II visited it in 2011 during her tour of Ireland. The stallholders have warmly remembered her visit with a plaque.

Cooking with the best

At the other end of the food production line are the chefs who create memorable meals for their diners using Irish ingredients. Stephen McAllister, chef and patron at The Pig’s Ear Restaurant in Dublin city, knows only too well about the importance of using fresh Irish ingredients: “We only use the best local, Irish produce where and when possible. We’re relentless in our approach in finding top quality Irish guaranteed producers for our restaurant, and we proudly display their names on our menus.”

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At The Moody Boar in Armagh city, owner Ramunė Farnan says: “Six years ago, I started to use local and artisan producers. It has raised standards in the restaurant industry in Northern Ireland.”

She adds, “local people and tourists expect to see better quality produce and value for what they are buying. And I’m very confident to say that anyone who comes to The Moody Boar will see and taste what we're talking about.”

There you have it. You will love Ireland's food!

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