The Loughshore Trail

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The Loughshore Trail is a 110 mile (177 km) bi-directional cycle route.

The Loughshore Trail is a 110 mile (177 km) bi-directional cycle route that encircles Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in Ireland and the United Kingdom. For the most part, Route 94 uses the network of quiet country roads adjacent to Lough Neagh and Lough Beg. However it also includes attractive traffic-free sections many of which follow the shoreline. The Loughshore Trail is also linked to other main Network routes in Northern Ireland namely Route 9 and 95 and the yet to be fully developed Route 96 (Toome-Coleraine).

The Loughshore Trail forms a link to a wide variety of sites of historical, cultural and natural interest as well as a host of other attractions and amenities that border Lough Neagh. These include the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre at Oxford Island in Craigavon, Cranfield Church and Holy Well and Crumlin Glen in the Antrim Borough.
The Loughshore Trail caters for a wide variety of cycling types and levels. The majority of the route follows relatively flat terrain apart from a short section south-west of Lough Neagh at Drumcairne in the Cookstown District, where it rises to 100 metres above sea level and in so doing provides attractive views over the Lough.

The route starts and finsihes at the the International Airport so why not fly in for a great weekend break with your bike.

Details of flying with your bike are in the cycling section.

For more information on attractions and accommodation visit or contact the Tourist Information Centres in any of the larger towns bordering Lough Neagh.