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Ballynamona Court Cairn

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Ballynmona, Halfway House, Waterford City, Waterford, Republic of Ireland

The tomb at Ballynamona County Waterford is the only court cairn in the southeast of Ireland. It is also only one of four known to exist south of a line from Dundalk to Galway.

Ballynamona Court Cairn in County Waterford is the only court cairn in the southeast. The name comes from the fact that this type of tomb usually has a courtyard area found at the entrance to the chambers. Of the court -originally 7 metres wide and 6 metres deep - only a few of the large orthostats remain, but the gallery, on the other hand, is well preserved.

The entrance is marked by two very small jambs set inside the front edges of the wall slabs which form the gallery. A single slab divides the gallery into two separate chambers.