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Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre

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Aughleam (Eachléim), Belmullet, Mayo, Republic of Ireland
T: +353(0)9785727

Situated 18km from Belmullet in the heart of the Eachlím Gaeltacht, Ionad Deirbhile weaves together the story of the heritage, folklore and culture of this beautiful part of the Mullet Peninsula, in County Mayo.

Located in Aughleam at the tip of scenic Mullet Peninsula, the Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre gives the visitor an insight into the past history and culture of this west Mayo area in times past.

Set in the southern tip of the Mullet peninsula, with Blacksod Bay to the south and east and the Atlantic along the western shoreline, this is one of the most stunningly beautiful and unspoilt landscapes in Ireland. The centre was officially opened in August 1997 by then President, Mary Robinson.

Discover a former way of life that involved currach fishing and the construction of the distinctive local houses. Artefacts on display include local crafts such as creels baskets woven from sally rods that were packed with turf and carried from the bog to home by donkeys, quilt making and straw hats. These were made from straw and worn by strawboys who attended local Erris weddings in the house of the bride to dance with both the bride and guests. The hats were also adorned with stripes of red and green cloth which are the traditional Mayo colours.

A unique feature of the building is a 3 metres high stained glass window illustrating the story of St Deirbhile, after whom the centre is named. The ruins of her 6th Century church, (a national monument) are in the old Fallmore cemetery, while close by in the sand dunes, lies a holy well also named after her.