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St Malachy's Parish Church Hillsborough

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Main Street, Hillsborough,
Rev Simon Richardson
T: (028) 9268 8839
F: (028) 9268 8839
E: sec@hillsboroughparish.org.uk
The Parish Church of St Malachy was built in 1636 and restored in the 18th century by Wills Hill, the first Marquis of Downshire. The church stands on the summit of a gentle slope in the centre of the village and is essentially the same as it was when Wills Hill completed his work of enlargement and restoration in 1772.

As with any building of considerable age, areas of the church and grounds have been modernised over time, reflecting the progressive development of the way people have sought to meet together and worship God.

The Parish Churchyard is a special place situated to the north of the church of St Malachy and is surrounded by trees and the sound of village life. Here may be found the burial place of the Harty family; the famous conductor and composer Sir Hamilton Harty’s ashes are marked by a bird bath on the south side of the church. Near the lychgate to the left a stone records the burial place of Bishop Richard Mant, the hymn writer.