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Ballymurrin Quaker Farmstead

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Ballymurrin House, Kilbride, Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
Mr Philip Geoghegan
T: +353(0)40448206
E: icon@iolfree.ie

Ballymurrin Quaker Farmstead is situated in the hamlet of Kilbride, 8 kilometres from Wicklow. The farmstead and burial ground offer a fascinating legacy, invoking the life of settlers during a calamitous period for religious communities.

Quakers began to move to Ireland from 1654, after the English Civil War. Set in a historic landscape of undulating contours, moods and hues, Ballymurrin Quaker Settlement is a farmstead of simple, rural charm, occupied over almost 350 years since Quakers first constructed it in 1669.

Uncover the stories of this farmstead, those who lived, died, were imprisoned, or emigrated. Visit the house, its meeting room, the forge. Learn of the difficulties experienced by enlightened Quakers principles, which recognised neither priest nor tithe.

Stonebake ovens, inglenook fireplaces with wattle and daub canopy, open joists, limewashed walls, unadorned architecture that reflects a life of simplicity, gentleness and belief, that God speaks in our being, not in our possessions...“That of God in Everyone”…

During opening times, 3 tours/day are provided, commencing 2pm, 3.30pm and 5pm. This corner of Wicklow has a lot to offer. So, when you visit us, make a day of it.

Close to everything, yet apart, this location will allow you to pop into the wonderfully restored nineteenth Century arboretum of Kilmacurragh, just minutes driving from us, managed by the National Botanic Gardens. Experience Mount Usher, voted the most romantic garden to visit in Ireland. Stroll the structured Italianate gardens of Powerscourt, or enter the magical landscapes and vistas of the Wicklow Mountains, where time stands still.
Open on selected days throughout 2014.
May 10-31,
June 2-12,
Aug 18- 31,
Sept 1-12, 2pm -6pm.
National Heritage Week 2014: 23-31st Aug.
Please phone us in advance