Cladagh Glen - Marlbank National Nature Reserve

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Marlbank, Florencecourt,
T: (028) 6634 8855
The main interest of the Cladagh River Glen is it's geology with the Marble Arch and the cascades being the highlights of this water-sculpted valley. The wooden glen is very atmospheric and makes a magical walk for adults and children alike with its twists and turns revealing yet another inspiring scene involving rock, water, trees and dappled sunshine.

The glen had some fine planted trees of beech and various conifers, along with native hazels, ash and yew trees. In springtime anemones and wild garlic carpet the valley floor, while toothwort can be found growing as a parasite on the roots of some of the hazel trees. Dippers and grey wagtails can be seen on the rocks in the middle of the fast-flowing Cladagh River, while in late summer silver-washed fritillaries occur beside the path.