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Waiting for Godot

Jul 31 2014 - Aug 02 2014
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With Christian Mazzuchini, Grégori Miege, Serge Noyelle, Noël Vergès, Martin Martinez and Loïs Paul.
‘In the fairground where the Theatre Nono is set in Marseille, to stage En attendant Godot means writing an anthem to Beckett’s untamed poetry. To their actors it is a salute to the
energy of a burlesque theater inspired by the verve of music hall, circus and cabaret, all in a playful desperate derision. Old clowns, cheerless, forsaken, wingless angels with wounded feet, kingless jesters moved by a “relentless desire” and unexplainable laughter which arises from roaming on the face of our world’.

Thu 31 July - Sat 2. August
Thu 31 July 7.00pm £13 / £11
Fri 1 Aug 7.00pm £15 / £13
Sat 2 Aug 1.00pm £15 / £13
Duration: 130mins (with interval)

Box Office 028 66325440