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Awake All Finnegans

Aug 01 2014 - Aug 10 2014
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Blakes of the Hollow, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh,
T: (028) 6632 5440
Awake All Finnegans in Northern Ireland

Finnegans, Finns, Fionas, Finnbars, Fintons and Finnualas are set to bring Enniskillen to life this summer in a world first that will see 'Finnish folk' come together and sing, shout and maybe even dance to the rhythm of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake.

Organisers of the Happy Days Beckett Festival in Enniskillen are inviting anyone with a love of literature and with the surname or Christian name Finnegan or derivative thereof to take part in first-ever shared full-length public performance reading of Finnegans Wake.

Taking place from the 1st August to the 10th August to celebrate Beckett’s friend and mentor James Joyce, the special international project Awake All Finnegans will see each participant read, whisper, shout or sing four pages of Finnegans Wake.

The event will run from Friday the 1st August until Sunday 10th August (1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th, 8th, 9th & 10th only) between the hours of 12pm and 6pm. The time will be broken down into 15 minute slots and each person will be assigned a slot to read four pages of Finnegans Wake based on their availability.
For being a part of the event (and a part of the Beckett Festival Finnegan Family) you will receive a Finnegans t-shirt and a bookmark. If you would like to be a part of this event please fill out the form below and send it back to us via email to or via post to Happy Days, 6 East Bridge Street, Enniskillen, BT74 7BT.
Running from Thursday 31 July – Sunday 10 August 2014, the Festival, which is now in its third year was founded by Director Sean Doran in 2012 and is unique in the world as the only festival solely dedicated to celebrating Samuel Beckett through the full range of the arts, including theatre, dance, film, visual arts, literature and broadcast.