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Sep 20 2014 - Oct 18 2014
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Lyric Theatre 55 Ridgeway Street,
T: 028 9038 1081

Marian needs to move on.

Marian needs to move on. She has sold her business and takes up tenancy in a repossessed Belfast working-class parlour-house. Her hopes for a safe haven and fresh start are soon shattered when she finds herself bunkered down during the Ulster Workers' Strike with estranged husband Lenny, his muesli-chomping friend Peter, and her best friend Ruth who is fleeing from an abusive husband.

The four have their own personal crises to reconcile before they can carve a new future.  They work out their relationships to each other, the world outside and to the past while trying to envisage a future beyond bombs and reprisals. Only Marian is aware of a fifth presence - the ghost of Lily Matthews, the previous occupant.

From the late, great Stewart Parker this, his final masterpiece sets out to find the light in the dark.