"The past is unpredictable" Exhibition

May 31 2014 - Aug 17 2014
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200 Newry road, Banbridge, Down,
T: (028) 406 23322
E: info@femcwilliam.com

Also in the gardens is a new Sculpture trial.
Sleepers - The Hidden Within

Sculptures by Helen ...

Sculptures by Helen Hanse in the sculpture garden

Sleepers -The Hidden Within explores the idea of an emergence, an awakening, within the stone. Hidden or sleeping, within what appears to be a dirty piece of rubble, is a unique creation.

In response to F.E. McWilliam’s preference for material “ignored by the professional supplier as too irregular or small to bother with,” Helen wanted to make heads from more irregular and interesting pieces of stone, respecting the uniqueness of each with its irregularities, formed over millions of years and which can never be recreated by hand. Discovering the beautiful veins of colour and variety within each piece she embraced the unknown in the working.

“Each face has come forth from the stone and been revealed in an unplanned manner, with no sketches or ideas beforehand. There are risks involved when working in this more immediate manner, the stone may break or shatter but this adds to their unique quality. No two pieces are ever the same; no sculpture can ever be repeated. I love the quiet strength that is inherent in a piece of stone and enjoy its restrained power. These sculptures do not shout, nor are they loud; they evoke stillness and speak quietly.”