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The Greening Season

One look at your calendar and you know – ’tis the season. No, not of giving, or even goodwill. It’s the season of greening.

You all know St Patrick’s Day reaches well beyond Ireland these days, with March 17th celebrated as the day the world goes green.

The spirit of St Patrick’s Day has essentially hijacked the colour green. Hence the ‘greening’ season when; landmark towers, bridges, hotels, and natural wonders lit up in a fabulous green glow. From Auckland to New York, Madrid to Sydney, the greening knows no bounds or borders.

On 17 March, if you’re in London, keep an eye for the HMS Belfast. In North America? Watch the Niagara Falls, Las Vegas ‘welcome’ sign and San Francisco’s City Hall go emerald.

In Europe, expect a green Little Mermaid, Leaning Tower, Prince’s Palace, Allianz Arena, and TV Tower. Down under, we’ll greenify the spectacular Sydney Opera House and Sky Tower in Auckland. We’re most excited about the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil, Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt, Burj Al Arab in Dubai and Table Mountain in South Africa.

Wondering what such a sight would look like? We have the photos.

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Raised in the Wicklow countryside, David is country through and through. He loves reading, especially Sebastian Barry and Roddy Doyle, and cooking (burning?) up a storm in the kitchen. You might find him bouncing around a tennis court on weekends before retiring to a quiet pub with friends for a long lazy afternoon. David writes about sport, food and nature and is fascinated by the Titanic. Favourite Walk:The Lambe Hill (for thinking) and Beal Ban beach in Ballyferriter (for romancing).

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Lovely blog post!

Una D. Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Nice blog Orla, great to see so many iconic buildings going Green!

Chris D. Tuesday, November 05, 2013