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The Sounds of the Wild Atlantic Way

The Sounds of the Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland’s epic west coast is home to the world’s longest coastal road: the Wild Atlantic Way. We sent musicians Solomon Grey to capture the sounds of this journey, and the results are simply… stunning.

Wild Mission

Solomon Grey is Joseph Wilson and Tom Kingston. The two met while studying in Oxford University, but it was during a period of work and recording in County Cork when the duo’s sound really emerged. Surrounded by West Cork's gorgeous scenery, the two musicians soon found the landscape shaping and inspiring their music.

Who better then to be sent out into the countryside to distill the sound of the raw, the rugged and the regalWild Atlantic Way?

A feast for the senses

And so, in their mobile recording studio, Solomon Grey set off on a musical journey through Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. With audio equipment galore, their mission, if they chose to accept it, was to go on a journey of inspiration, to capture the sounds of not just the land, but of the locals, too.

Now, considering that the Wild Atlantic Way is 2500km of rugged coastline, ancient castles, dazzling sunsets and colourful local characters, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a treat for the eyes only. In fact, it’s more.

As Solomon Grey found out, a journey along the way is akin to diving headfirst into a thundering sea of creativity. It is a coastline where the places and the people add up to a unique experience, that insist on inspiring you.

About the author

Raised in the Wicklow countryside, David is country through and through. He loves reading, especially Sebastian Barry and Roddy Doyle, and cooking (burning?) up a storm in the kitchen. You might find him bouncing around a tennis court on weekends before retiring to a quiet pub with friends for a long lazy afternoon. David writes about sport, food and nature and is fascinated by the Titanic. Favourite Walk:The Lambe Hill (for thinking) and Beal Ban beach in Ballyferriter (for romancing).

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