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Alan Milligan - The Samuel Beckett Chess Set

Jul 31 2014 - Aug 10 2014
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Alan Milligan - The Samuel Beckett Chess Set

Location: Enniskillen Castle - Grand Yard
Date: Thu 31. July - Sun 10. August
Price: FREE

A 32 piece public art chess set of Beckett characters and props from the plays, novels and short prose.

“I decided to approach the chess pieces by basing them figuratively on the characters and props of Beckett’s invention. Finding the images of Beckett’s works is a very rich dense and detailed well to draw from, the body language is monumental. I use the props predominantly as pawns and the figures as the nobility but not exclusively. This rule is broken when the characters relating to one another in master servile roles seemed to fit the game.” Alan Milligan

See www,happy-days-enniskillen.com for further information