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Nov 06 2017
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The Olympia Theatre, 72 Dame Street, Dublin,
T: +353(0)16793323

Catch the Kaleo bug at the Olympia Theatre if you haven't already.

Icelanders love their music. During long nights, they rehearse and practice their instruments, and hop from venue to venue seeing their mates play gigs. Surprisingly, for a small country with a tiny population, the nation is responsible for producing more bona fide successful musicians per capita than anywhere else in the world. The list begins with household names like Björk, the Sugarcubes and Sigur Rós, and ends with relative newcomers like Kaleo.

In 2012, the band appeared at Iceland Airwaves, one of the music industry's most important showcases, and they have never looked back. Their delta blues-inspired rock felt as at home in Alabama as it did in Reykjavik, and so their sound spread around the world, finding fans on late night shows like Conan, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers, and with spots on influential shows like Empire and Orange is the New Black.

What their success all boils down to, though, are some excellent, dust-bowl, dance-worthy tunes like All the Pretty Girls and Way Down We Go. Toe-tappers that invade your consciousness and embed themselves in your ears, this is truly great music.

Catch the Kaleo bug at the Olympia Theatre if you haven't already.

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