Kylemore Abbey Pottery

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Kylemore Abbey & Gardens, Letterfrack, Kylemore, Galway,
Miss Isabelle Pitorre
T: +353(0)9552001
F: +353(0)9552069

Kylemore Abbey is a breathtaking attraction in the west of Ireland. Pottery has been produced in Kylemore, County Galway, since the 1970s. With its unique fuchsia design, Kylemore Abbey Pottery is a prominent feature of the Kylemore craft shop.

Kylemore Pottery was established by the Benedictine nuns in 1973. The nuns started off by producing a range with a plain glaze that later developed to include the fushia design we know today. The distinctive fuchsia design features a drop like flower, with vibrant shadings of red and purple set in an aureole of green leaves. The pottery produced is crafted using time honoured, traditional techniques and can be purchased in the on site craft and design shop in Kylemore, County Galway.

During the 1990s, this pottery range was very popular with many exports going overseas. Kylemore Pottery was being produced for wholesale, with a team of five potters working in the pottery studio. Currently, the pottery is produced for more of a niche market. One of the range features a light green glaze inspired by the rugged, Connemara landscape and a subdued palette typical of that used in Victorian art pottery.