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  1. Cooke Street Jetty

    Ards Borough Council permits the use of the facilities at Cooke Street ... Mehr

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  2. Bangor Marina

    Northern Ireland's biggest and most prestigious marina. Mehr

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  3. Newtownards Sailing Club

    Situated at the north end of Strangford Lough close to Newtownards. Mehr

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  4. Drumaheglis Marina Caravan Park

    On the banks of the Lower River Bann, 30 minutes from the North Coast. Mehr

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  5. Rosslare Small Boats Festival

    Small boat anglers of the UK and Ireland host a spectacular 'species' hunt which attracts the best sea anglers in the British Isles. All facilities are catered for, the sport is superb and the craic... Mehr

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  6. Coney Island

    This island has a rich history and is an exciting destination to be explored. Mehr

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