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  1. The Big Grill Festival

    Ballsbridge, Dublin

    The Big Grill Festival at Herbert Park in Ballsbridge can proudly boast of being Europe’s largest barbecue and craft beer festival. Lees meer

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  2. A Taste of West Cork

    Skibbereen, Cork

    A Taste of West Cork showcases West Cork’s finest fresh food, pioneering food producers and stunning scenery with over 200 exciting events. Lees meer

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  3. Indie Beer Week

    Dublin City, Dublin

    Indie Beer Week is a chance to celebrate the amazing and vibrant craft beer scene in Ireland. Lees meer

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  4. Whisky Live Dublin 2018

    Dublin City, Dublin

    With artisan whiskey becoming more and more popular around the world, there's no better opportunity to distill your whiskey knowledge than at Whiskey Live Dublin 2018. Lees meer

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  5. Dingle Food Festival

    Dingle, Kerry

    The Dingle Food Festival takes place each year on the first weekend of October, and it turns the picturesque Kerry town into a gustatory capital. Lees meer

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  6. Enniscorthy Rockin' Food Festival

    Enniscorthy, Wexford

    The Enniscorthy Rocking’ Food Festival takes over the town for the August Bank Holiday weekend and transform it into a culinary capital with three days full of food and fun for all the family. Lees meer

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  7. Taste of Dublin

    Dublin City, Dublin

    Indulge your tastebuds in this stunning celebration of Dublin's unique and progressive dining scene. Lees meer

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  8. A Taste of Donegal

    Donegal Town, Donegal

    A Taste of Donegal is a three-day festival of all things food and drink that takes of the town of Donegal over for a weekend this August. Lees meer

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  9. Gin Fusion

    Dublin City, Dublin

    Not content with plying us with barbecue during their meaty Big Grill festival each summer, the team from Bodytonic are now celebrating all things gin with Gin Fusion. Lees meer

  10. Carlingford Oyster Festival

    Carlingford, Louth

    The Carlingford Oyster Festival is an opportunity for the seaside town to celebrate its heritage and one of its most famous exports – their oysters. Lees meer

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