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  1. Galley Cove Green Coast Beach 2017

    Crookhaven, Cork

    Galley Cove is located at Crookhaven in County Cork. It is a safe a sheltered beach ideal for swimming and other recreational activities. Lees meer

  2. Ring Green Coast Beach 2017

    Crookhaven, Cork

    Ring Beach is a lovely sandy beach, located approximately 3.5 kilometres from Ballymacoda, County Cork. Lees meer

  3. Mizen Head

    Crookhaven, Cork

    Mizen Head Irish Lights Signal Station is Ireland's most south westerly point and offers visitors an educational and thrilling experience. Lees meer

  4. Barley Cove

    Crookhaven, Cork

    Impressive views over the surrounding landscape. In contrast to the predominately rocky coastal landscape of the area, Barley Cove includes a comprehensive sand dunes system, which it is understood were formed as the result of a tsunami in 1755. Lees meer

  5. Summer SUP School Cork

    Crookhaven, Cork

    Summer SUP is one of Ireland's best stand up paddle boarding school! Summer SUP School Cork based in Crookhaven, Co. Cork provides the ultimate Stand up paddle boarding experience. Lees meer

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