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Powerscourt Townhouse, 59 South William Street, Dublin City, Dublin,
T: +353(0)16794042
F: +353(0)16794042

Courtville Antiques, located in the heart of Dublin city centre, specialises in personal, accessible and enjoyable way to trade fine antique and vintage jewellery as well as engagement rings.

Courtville Antiques began in County Tipperary back in 1952 with then owner Kitten. Grainne worked alongside her mother and expanded it to Dublin where it still resides.

In 1982 when Powerscourt Townhouse was converted into a shopping centre, Courtville took up residence as the corner jeweler shop in the Antiques Gallery. What a perfect location for a vintage and antique jewellery shop, a stunning Georgian building to reflect the beauty and splendour of what’s nestled inside. Grainne so lovingly selected each piece and showcased it until it found its rightful keeper.

Now in the hands of Matthew Weldon, Courtville remains true to the values and traditions it had back in 1952. With his own family history steeped in jewellery, being in business 130 years, Matthew has amalgamated two family customs and keeping the morals and integrity of both intact, indeed strengthened.

Matthew, just like the jewellery we seek to find, is rare and unique. Just like all the generations before, Matthew looks for the exceptional, rare and intriguing pieces and always ensuring quality and beauty.

Remaining true to his heritage but understanding today’s market, Matthew is delivering a reliable presence both online and in the shop. Relationships are the sole of the business, call us old fashioned but isn’t it just nice to be able to call into your jeweller if you ever have a query, question or looking for something specific? Matthew’s vision is to do this both for clients in-store and online as he values both simultaneously.