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Battlebridge Loop

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Battlebridge Loop, Leitrim,

Lace up your comfiest shoes and enjoy this looped walk in the gorgeous surrounds of County Leitrim's Battlebridge.

Routes include:

A-B: Starting from the map board at Drumhauver Bridge, follow the purple (and red) arrows along the minor road for 150m to reach an access path to the canal on your left. The red arrows are for the shorter Drumleague Lock Loop. Join the canal bank here.

B-C: Continue to follow the purple arrows as the loop follows the canal bank for 2km to reach Drumleague Lock. At the exit onto the roadway, note that the shorter Drumleague Lock Loop (red arrows) turns left and returns to the trailhead on the other side of the canal. You continue straight and rejoin the canal bank on the other side of the road.

C-D: Now follow the purple arrows for 2.5km to the next bridge at Battlebridge, where the loop joins the road, turns left, and rejoins the canal bank on the other side.

D-C-A: Follow the purple arrows along a minor roadway for 2km to regain Drumleague Lock where you rejoin the red loop. After 2km, you reach Drumhauver Bridge, where you join the main road. Turn left across the bridge to reach the trailhead.