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Bencroy Loop

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Bencroy Loop, Leitrim, Republic of Ireland

Bencroy Loop Walk

A-B. Starting from the mapboard at Stralongford follow the purple (and blue) arrows along the minor road for 200m to cross Stralongford Bridge. The blue arrows are for the shorter Tullylackan Loop. Follow the road for a further 300m to reach a Y junction – take the sanded forestry roadway on the left. Continue to follow this sanded roadway for 800m to reach a junction with a roadway (and old building) on your left. Turn left here.

B-C. Continue to follow the purple and blue arrows as the loop follows the forestry roadways for approx 5km to reach a junction overlooking the Yellow River (Abhainn Bhui). Note that the shorter Tullylackan Loop (blue arrows) turns left here – but you turn right.

C-D. Now follow the purple arrows as the loop takes you downhill, across the Yellow River, and swings right and uphill again. After 1.5km you leave the sanded roadway to climb through a forested section before exiting onto the hillside near Benbrack. The loop turns left along the forest boundary briefly - before turning right onto open hillside.

D-E. Follow the waymarkers carefully as the loop takes you across open hillside to join a ‘mountain road’ where you turn left.

E-A. Pass a ‘lochán’ on your left (400m) before reach a booster station (1km). After passing alongside Bencroy Mountain (on your right) the loop turns sharp left and downhill. Follow the purple arrows along this minor road for 3km to regain the trailhead.