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Sea & Soil - An Irish Heritage Food Tour

Oct 05 2019 - Oct 06 2019
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The Wilds, Enniscorthy, Wexford,

Spend a full day travelling across the lush green agricultural landscape of the Model County, Wexford as you explore the areas rich food and farming heritage, meeting the producers and hearing the stories of the area

Climbing on board your luxury transport in Enniscorthy head out into the lush agricultural landscape of Wexford. Under the shadow of the Blackstairs Mountain range, the first stop is to meet John Murphy, a 3rd generation Miller. He will take you on a tour of his family Mill. One of the last remaining Watermills in Ireland, still producing stone ground flour using only traditional methods, it is a place almost magically preserved in time. The hour-long journey takes you through the process from the hand-dug millrace to holding freshly milled flour in your hands.

Moving on down the county passing fields, valleys and forests move on to the small seaside village of Ballyhack. Here you will meet Fisherman, Michael Walsh, with over 40 years of experience on the seas, today he is a producer of award-winning Smoked Salmon. Displaying his lightening filleting skills and taking you on a tour of his 80-year-old Smokehouse followed by tastings fresh from the Smokehouse

Stop for lunch at a local and award-winning maritime pub for bowls of locally sourced Chowder, the region's speciality.

Finally, arrive at the magnificent ruins of Tintern Abbey, where tucked away in the thick woodlands, lies a secret garden. At 200 years old, Colclough Walled Garden is the oldest Walled Garden in Ireland. Inside the red brick boundary walls lie an abundance of flowers, vegetables and fruit. Here, Head Gardener Alan will take you on a special tour, heritage apples, autumnal root vegetables and more grown only using the historic Georgian methods.

As you turn to return to Enniscorthy, your arms full of samples from your tour, you will have a new understanding of Ireland's Ancient Food Heritage and its influences over the centuries.

This event is part of Taste the Island.