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Dorothy Cross, Aleana Egan, Siobhán Hapaska, Isabel Nolan, Kathy Prendergast Group Show

May 03 2018 - Jun 23 2018
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Kerlin Gallery, Anne's Lane, South Anne Street, Dublin,
T: +353(0)16709093

The Kerlin Gallery will host a group show this May and June, featuring five female Irish artists from the Kerlin stable of artists.

The Kerlin Gallery hosts a group show this May and June, featuring five Irish artists from the Kerlin stable of artists.

Dorothy Cross is an artist from Cork who works in sculpture, film and photography. Her art focuses on the relationships formed between living beings and the natural world.

Aleana Egan works in sculpture creating enigmatic, restrained collections of objects, often hung, draped, of dangling in space. Her collections are subtle, with oblique allusions to cultural touchpoints. She has previously exhibited at both the Kerlin and the Douglas Hyde Gallery.

Siobhán Hapaska is sculptor from Belfast whose recent solo exhibition in the Kerlin feature magnificent concrete cloth structures.

Isabel Nolan works across a variety of media, however some of her most notable pieces are huge ultra large scale abstract paintings, and her simple, geometric sculptural arches.

Kathy Prendergast’s art often uses print as its medium, creating bespoke one-offs or multiples of highly decorative book or magazine forms.

This group show will survey the leading voices in Irish contemporary art whose work has dominated Dublin gallery spaces in the last three years.